Power Flushing for Central Heating

MagnaCleanse – RapidFlush Filter

ADEY’s industry flushing recommendation
It’s not possible to ‘sand blast’ a heating system back to the metal. To do so requires an acid so powerful it would eat through steel and copper – not recommended.
We recommend the installation of the award winning MagnaClean Professional domestic filter following a powerflush. We also recommend that MagnaClean Professional is fitted with every new boiler to provide ongoing maintenance and protection against the damaging effects of black iron oxide.
Effective magnetic filtration improves the performance of the boiler and extends its operational life.

Helping the environment

Independent research has shown that the adoption of magnetic filtration also contributes to a greener environment, reducing household heating energy consumption by up to 6% annually for a typical three bedroom dwelling.  Heating system carbon dioxide emission is also reduced by a similar 6% margin per year with a 30% reduction in maintenance call-outs.

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MagnaCleanse - Central Heating Filter